I share a dream of national and global achievement. I have no greater initiative than this in my life as it would benefit the world with such magnitude and game changing potential that I would compare it to the Renaissance of Europe via Florence. It would be the literal beginning to a new era of human development and one which would resonate throughout history. I present the idea of “Rio Solare” or River of the Sun.


Just like other cities and regions of the past and present that serve as a nation’s portal or gateway to progress, “Rio Solare” will have the same iconic agreement with the masses. Whether it was Plymouth Rock from the beginning, to San Francisco for the gold rush or Detroit, America’s birthplace of its auto- industrial revolution, each geographical center was indicative in its role as a gateway city or region. This was dictated by an area’s natural resources and adds to our ever developing American culture as form would follow function. Whether for logistical importance   or mineral richness in these special places, our objectives were driven forward by grand ideas that make America.


The concept of “Rio Solare” is a culmination of creativity like any other civilizations search for survival. I believe this concept is America’s new inspiration and a global example of our nations resolve. Essentially, “Rio Solare” is a self-sustained,  closed loop community, similar to other global projects known as “Kacare “in Saudi Arabia or “Masdar“ in Abu Dhabi, but this concept  is beyond those. What I envision is an “Epcot Center” approach that allows for demonstration of various ideas of sustainability on a “World’s First” standard along the Colorado River.


Like Walt Disney did with Epcot Center at Disney World, this expose of technologies showcases imagination, creativity, and application like no other think tank can do. Here in the American West we have the famous Colorado River which is known worldwide as being a source of renewal, progress, and energy. We sit on a set of extraordinary circumstances along this string of uncanny ingredients that make this vision the perfect storm of innovation in a world class setting. I believe the US West has become our source of wonderment and inspiration for over 2 hundred years and will be the very place we find our new start.


We now have approximately 5 Billion dollars of solar projects proposed in this area for the next 3 years.  With the rest of the southwest region of our nation, you can add another 5 billion dollars easily. “Rio Solare” is the gateway that our nation needs to envision its possibilities. The “Rio Solare” project starts from a northern point along a 22 mile stretch of the Colorado River from Laughlin, Nevada to Needles, California with Arizona as the linking point in this multi pronged regional approach. The project at this time includes 5 major installations along this route, each of which is a world’s first demonstration of proven technologies that exist today. With this compelling knowledge you too will understand the magnitude of “Rio Solare” and see the vision as I have dreamed will come true.  


Part of the appeal of Rio Solare is the ability to unite people in such a way that the future will be changed forever. In order for this to succeed, we need the support of you, readers and dreamers, to make our voice heard. Do your part and better educate not only yourself but those who can influence the vision of Rio Solare to reality. Click the various names of people and organizations below to voice your support for Rio Solare.





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